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Day 7 of 30

June 7th, 2007 at 08:46 pm

Today's Update

--Spanish 45 minutes
--Starbucks none Smile
--Exercise 1 hour on treadmill
--Savings added $13 for a total of $118
--Debt paid nothing Frown total $17,880

I guess the hardest part of this 30 day thing is finding the time. Because I am basically forcing myself to meet my goals and I don't want to come on here and report that nothing happened or worse, that I gave up on my goals, I now have to carve out two hours a day to work towards these goals (one hour for exercising which I wasn't doing before and 45 minutes to an hour to study Spanish--also something I wasn't doing previously).

Anyway, I think it is well worth it although I don't seem to be losing weight but then I figured it took like a year of sucking down frappuccinos daily to get this way so expecting the weight to magically fall off in seven days isn't going to happen...

1 Responses to “Day 7 of 30”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    Can you get your Spanish on tape & listen to that while on the bike? Can't remember if you're reading spanish, or studying it or what?? Or, if you're memorizing vocab.....print them off larger & post around your bike.
    Get creative, combine & conquer.

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