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Nothing Really Manifesting Today

May 23rd, 2007 at 08:17 pm

Still doing the money manifesting experiment. Didn't get anything unexpected today. I didn't count the paycheck received from a client because that was regular earnings.

I read more from Steve Pavlina's site on this subject and he said that when you first start manifesting you will see some small immediate results then a lull where you may get nothing for a while then the floodgates open. I will keep concentrating and wait for overwhelming abundance!

One small thing that did happen today is when I got my haircut I noticed a lady in front of me using a punch card. I have been going to this salon for ages and never knew they had a punch card where after ten punches you get a free service. The lady at the desk gave me the card and punched all of my visits for th last six months so that was something nice and unexpected.

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