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Cash Only for One Month Yahoooooo

January 31st, 2007 at 09:21 pm

For this whole month, I have been using cash only for all of my purchases. No debit card or credit card use for an entire month! The only checks I have used were to pay bills that needed to be mailed. This system has really saved me a lot of money, plus money was added to savings and credit debt was paid down. Even the hubby has got on board and he is now using the cash only system too. {{{doing the happy dance}}}

6 Responses to “Cash Only for One Month Yahoooooo”

  1. scfr Says:


  2. pjmama Says:

    I did a "mostly-cash" system. I used my card only 3 times, I think. It worked out well for me too. When the money is at home sitting in an envelope, you cant spend it! Whereas if it's sitting in your bank account, it's pretty darn accesible.

  3. tinapbeana Says:

    glad to hear "cash only" is working out well for you Big Grin
    i agree that on eof the keys is not carrying all the cash around with you all the time, otherwise it's just too easy to 'splurge' much like some folks would do with a debit/credit card...

  4. MarthaAnn Says:

    That is great, do you think you will do CASH ONLY for February?

  5. MsSuperSaver Says:

    Definitely, I can't beleive that this is the first time in my life that I haven't spent more money than I had (ie: used credit to purchase things I can't afford or used money in savings to cover debit card purchases) and actually had a few dollars in my wallet at the end of the month. I think it has also taught me to be more patient and creative--patient because I have to wait to puchase something if I don't have the money and creative because if I really want something and don't have the cash, I look for ways to get the money (sell something online, write a freelance article, babysit for the neighbor, etc). My entire life has been spent buying now and paying later so I have been in a perpetual cycle of debt. Never again Smile

  6. Personal Finance Guide 101 Says:

    Hi Super Saver,

    Wow all cash payments!!! Good to know and you have decided to pay whatever you buy by cash and don't want to pay it later.... keep going.

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