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Beautiful Hawaii

December 8th, 2006 at 08:39 pm

We made it to Hawaii and it is just beautiful!! The weather is perfect (especially compared to Seattle where we had snow for the entire week before we left). This really is paradise except for the exhorbiant prices of just about everything. Fortunately we were able to get a room at the military base hotel which was a lot cheaper than outside the base (how was I supposed to know the Honolulu marathon was going on THIS weekend and every hotel room--except those that cost $500+) was booked? The food is great and MUCH cheaper in Chinatown where we are happy to eat anyway compared to the Waikiki tourist area. Anyway, here's a photo from Hanauma Bay (which by the way costs $1 to park and $5 per person to go down to the beach). We just took some photos and skipped the swimming (a mile down the road it was free to swim AND camp).

4 Responses to “Beautiful Hawaii”

  1. janH Says:

    Wow, beautiful...enjoy your vacation!

  2. kealina Says:

    i didn't know you were in hawaii... it's beautiful huh? i love it here... and yes, it does cost a lot, even for locals... i'm glad you found chinatown and enjoyed the food... some tourists never leave waikiki and have no idea what else is on the island... if you see an L&L while you're out you should try a plate lunch (usually around $7)... i love the chicken katsu but most items are good and one is usually enough to share...
    it's great that you good a decent hotel room... very lucky... what are you guys planning on doing? how long are you guys staying?
    there is tons to do...waikiki of course, diamond head, polynesian cultural center, pearl harbor arizona memorial... if you can get to the north shore you might get to see some big waves... i heard on the radio today that they were at 25 feet or so (winter weather and winds) but that could always change daily so you have to check on that first...... lots of people drive out to park and watch the waves...
    if you're into history we've got some really cool stuff at Bishop museum or you could go to Iolani Palace (think you need to make reservations for a tour) and visit all the historical buildings in that area....

    great photo of Hanauma Bay (which is a natural cove and a protected wildlife preserve for those of you who are curious why it cost money to get in... most of hawaii's beaches are public and free like the one mssupersaver mentioned)...wow, i didn't know they were charging that much for admission... was that for the ride down the hill? hmmm.
    i haven't been there since sometime last year... or maybe it was earlier...
    anyways, there are tons of things to do here and some of them don't cost a ton like the beaches... i hope you really enjoy your visit...

  3. MsSuperSaver Says:

    Thanx for the info! We are only here for two days and then will catch a cruise ship for an 11 nite cruise to all of the Hawaiian Islands and Kiribati. Im glad we came here early though becuase this place is really nice. On the cruise they just drop you off in each port and mostly you just get to see other tourists but here we rented a car so we could check out other areas on the island. The weather here is perfect!!

  4. kealina Says:

    well, i'm glad you're enjoying it and that you got a chance to explore at least a little bit... a cruise sounds wonderful and like a lot of fun...
    i'm glad you are enjoying the weather... it's not a bad time of year to visit if you are lucky enough to avoid stormy/rainy weather...
    hope the rest of your trip is great as well...

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