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Health, Finances, College, Business...

August 4th, 2006 at 08:40 pm

Those are my top four goals. Today I worked a bit on all of them.
--Health. Finally made an appointment with my doctor for six weeks from now. Havent had a physical in a few years so figured it was about time. Gave myself six weeks to exercise, eat better and generally get more "healthy" before I go see the doc. Also, hubby and I played racquetball today...a first in ages...we usually don't exert ourselves so much. For a moment had to wonder who would find us if we both collapsed from over exertion. Luckly we both survived Smile Going on a 10k Volksmarch tomorrow.
--Finances. Paid some bills today. Have stopped using my credit cards all together. My goal is to pay off an $890 credit card this month. How? I have no idea...
--College. The final for chemistry class is next Wednesday. I've been studying two hours a day, set up a four hour study group for tomorrow, did some chemistry quizes online...basically everything I can think of to get a good grade in this class. Checked out a book on scholarships and will apply for more after school is out. I want my entire education to be paid for by scholarships!!! No student loans!!!
--Business. I have been keeping up with client work pretty well. It's kind of a lull before everything gets busy again in September. Everyone seems to be on vacation this month so I have been able to concentrate on other things. My clients are great...I sooo appreciate them Smile

1 Responses to “Health, Finances, College, Business...”

  1. TooMuchStuff Says:

    This is my first blog comment!
    I'm impressed with all that you do and try to do. I'm a professor at a state university and can tell you for a fact that we have, at times, given out scholarship money to less-than-stellar students because no one else applied! So, moral of story, always apply. Also, have you ever tried half.com for your textbooks? Sometimes my students get a break on costs there.
    As for me, I've got to learn to stop spending money. My weakness? Home television shopping. For such an "educated" person, I'm a real sucker.

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