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College 101

August 2nd, 2006 at 09:26 pm

Well, I'm wrapping up my first quarter of college and I've learned a few things...
--apply for all of the scholarships you can. I applied for a scholarship on a whim (and one day before it was due) and I got it. That scholarship will pay my next quarter's tuition. Smile
--take advantage of the free services you can get at the college (free tutoring, free use of the gym, discounts with your student ID, etc).
--get organized! Not only does it help in keeping you on top of your school work, being organized also saves you money if you plan ahead and bring your drinks/meals from home, can take the city bus to school instead of driving, etc.
--books are expensive! I think I'm in the wrong business. Books for three classes will cost me almost $500 for next quarter!! Frown
--when you go back to school as an adult you have a whole different outlook on things. School can be fun! The professors are the same age as your kids! The mid term isn't a challenge...taking care of three sick kids at one, making the house payment when you didnt think you had a snowballs chance in Hell to do it, standing up to your boss and getting what you deserve...those are challenges!
...now back to studying for my final....

2 Responses to “College 101”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    I agree - I enjoyed college way more as an adult!
    Congrats on the scholarship! That is the way I am hoping to get my kids through college.
    Did you know the government is "investigating" the price of books? Heard it on the news yesterday. I guess they are finally overgouging to the point that someone has to notice!

  2. homebody Says:

    I went two years ago for the first time at age 46. I took an algebra and economics class. I loved it. I conquered my fear of math. Unfortunately I got caught up in life and work and my kids and quit, but may go back Spring 2007. My math teacher was young, but my economics teacher was a little older than I. I really enjoyed it.

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