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Financial Update 6/1/06

June 1st, 2006 at 07:10 pm

Financial Update 6/1/06

1) $ Spent--$14.37 dinner out for me and the hubby on the way back from work. Breakfast and lunch were covered by the client so hubby and I used the Entertainment Book 'buy one get one free' coupon and had a great Chinese dinner.

2) Expenses Cut--nothing in particular, however when doing laundry this evening I used half the recommended detergent as usual and half a dryer sheet per load as usual and washed two medium sized loads of laundry then dried them together because I dont like to waste the energy a dryer uses for a little load of laundry.

3) $ Earned--$0 but did get in some networking with a couple of possible new clients

4) $ in Savings--$5

5) $ for Credit Card Payoff--$10

6) Giving--nothing today

7) Increase Financial Awareness--read Bottom Line Secrets website and a bundle of emails from a variety of money saving/budgeting listserves

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