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Day 1 Financial Update

May 28th, 2006 at 04:27 pm

Financial Update 5/28/06

1) $ Spent--0 stayed home and didn't spend any money or use any gas.

2) Expenses Cut--$116.90/year Cancelled webhosting for two websites that I didn't have time for. They have sat with no activity for over a year so at least this way I get to save the money and not feel bad for not getting around to updating them.

3) $ Earned--0 however put two leather jackets on EBay...now Im hoping for the best.

4) $ in Savings--$2.50 pitiful I know but I want the bulk of my excess money to go towards paying of the credit cards.

5) $ for Credit Card Payoff--$5 also pitiful but at least it's something.

6) Giving--posted (literally) a ton of landscaping rocks on local Freecycle web and had a half dozen email already. They should be gone in a few days so I can re-landscape that part of my yard.

7) Increase Financial Awareness--read "Dollar Stretch" site for some good ideas, put the book "I'm Not Buying It--My Year Without Shopping" on hold at the local library (I'm number 36 in line...I guess we all want to save money by not buying the book!). Also found a new source of financial info at http://finance.yahoo.com with some interesting articles.

~~whew! whatta day~~

5 Responses to “Day 1 Financial Update”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Is $2.50 your total savings, all you have?

  2. MsSuperSaver Says:

    No, I have a savings account that I put money in sporadically but then I take it out for vacations, loans to friends and family and for bigger purchases. I want a savings account that I don't touch until I retire (or hopefully I won't even need it then and I can live of the interest!). So in my "never ever touch this money" savings account yep, that's all I have Frown

  3. kylieb266 Says:

    that's a good start, its not the amount you have, but the fact that you have started a 'never touch this money account'

    I have a long term savings account that I am using soley for two purposes, a new car (someday when my current 80's model car carks it) and a house deposit. Without a fulltime, stable job, buying a house is a long way off, but at least I am thinking about it. My current long term savings account balance stands at just over $10.

  4. baselle Says:

    We all start somewhere. Give your savings account a good catchy name so you will think about contributing to it often with a smile. Mine's called the kiss my a** fund, because I claim that that those are the last words I'm going to use before I have to dip into it.

  5. MsSuperSaver Says:

    ROFL what a good idea!

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