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Money, Money Money and How to Save $3000

May 9th, 2006 at 09:25 pm

It's been a good money day today. The lady came for the bunkbed set and paid me $145 (my asking price, she didnt even quibble about it). Last night she said she wanted the set and would be here ASAP then didnt show or call. Happy that she made it today.

Didn't spend any money at all today (whoohooo) and actually listed a couple of more items on EBay (thanx to the bloggers who noted the ten cent inclusion special on eBay otherwise I never would have known about it!). Even went to the mall because Macys was having a "great" sale and I have money to spend on a GC but bought nothing. I think reading all of these blogs is making me subconsciously unable to spend anymore...not a bad thing.

Now, how to save $3000... I run the DUI Impact Panels for our county. Each month we get about 150 people busted for DUI. The average cost for a DUI (court fees, insurance increase, alcohol counseling program, restitution, etc) runs about $3000+. Moral of the story, don't drink and drive and you will save a bundle of money.

p.s. By the time offenders have aquired two or three DUIs they could have bought (depending on the situation) a brand new car or even a small house with all of the expenses they have incurred.

~~~hopping off soapbox now~~~

2 Responses to “Money, Money Money and How to Save $3000”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    not to mention the lives that are saved...

    The time to decide about driving is BEFORE you ever take the first sip....Making an impaired decision can cost you or someone else a life.

  2. markio26 Says:

    alcoholism is a disease... my son is a cop and he is constantly busting them, but, with a lil compassion, he talks to them and revisits them if they live in his district... he even goes to the mall and plays games with them, plays ball and golf.. most of the time, they are depressed...my son was in the marines for 11 years and he was a recruiter, the last 2 years, so, he can communicate with ppl. well.. yep, you are correct they could use the money for other things... i think ppl. can have a chemical imbalance, i used to be a nurse, and i saw it over and over in the test results from the hospital.

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