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Earning Money...A Little at a Time

May 8th, 2006 at 02:58 pm

This has been a great Monday. Hit the ground running at 6:30am and got tons of computer work done before running to a clients office.

Today I didnt spend any money at all. Lunch consisted of leftovers instead of a run through the drive through so that saved us money. Also spent an hour pulling weeds in the rose bed (yucky but good for exercie, good for fresh air and Im not having to pay anyone to do it for me--although I almost relented when this huge centipede came charging at me :P)

As far as earning money, I have an ad in a local newspaper ($3 for 3 days of listing) for a bunkbed set. A lady just called and has to have this set so she will be over to pick it up later Smile Next up I will put an ad in the paper for a sleeper sofa and dining table that has been residing in the garage for a few years.

Later today I will put ads for some of my old Coach purses on EBay. EBay is quite the eye opener for the bottom line on consumer spending. Im sure if there was a sign next to the Coach and Kate Spade purses in the department store saying what the purse would be worth after it has been used people wouldn't be so quick to shell out the big bucks for these basically useless ego-propper-uppers.

Anyway, I'm trying to talk the hubby into letting me sell the huge chest freezer that also resides in the garage but he won't hear of it. All of this stuff was useful when the kids were small but now that they have moved out, a lot of it is unnecessary for just the two of us. If I had my way I would live in an RV (hubby nixed that idea as well, though).

Happy savings Smile

6 Responses to “Earning Money...A Little at a Time”

  1. robex Says:

    Great job on the money front. I know what you mean about living in an RV. If I had my way, we would live in a little cabin in the woods and make everything from scratch...unfortunately the three kids, two vehicles, and house in the suburbs would have to go!

  2. Thrifty Ray Says:

    DH and I are 38 and 44...we are already talking about the RV thing someday...My parents did it for 10 years and loved every minute of it.

  3. Kate Says:

    You are absolutely right about consumer goods having very little value once they're used. I've sold a bunch of stuff on Craig's List and eBay and noticed the same thing. Like you, knowing this has really changed my feeling about buying all these so-called "luxury" or "upscale" goods.

  4. LuckyRobin Says:

    My DH and I are both 36 and we've talked about it, too. There is just something adventurous about tooling around this gorgeous country of ours and Canada that really appeals to me, as long as I don't have to rough it. RV's are perfect for it, and maybe by the time we do it, they'll run on something else, like canola oil or something enviromentally friendly.

  5. Ima Saver Says:

    I lived in a travel trailer fo 15 months and i will never do it again. I thought we would get a divorce! (We were building a new house)

  6. markio26 Says:

    our main home is on an island.. previously to building it, we had a camper, that slept 6 ppl. and we loved it, by the lake, we finally sold it after 7 years, we spent too much time at the new house.. but, my two sons recant stories of fishing, swimming, jogging, riding bikes, watching the sunrises and sunsets.... great memories for them... we are gonna have our 2 grandkids all summer on the island this year, so, they can enjoy and make new memories. and they will enjoy boating more than my kids, they love the water, way more....

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